Crime & Reason: a Black Choice

An Introduction to the Birth of Black on Black Crime and Social Dysfunction
de Marques Lowery (Auteur)
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This book gives vivid detail into the plight of blacks in America, and the struggle to become free in America. The writer delves into historic facts and points out institutional racism, and systematic racism associated with blacks. The purpose of this book is to give factual information that addresses racist laws, and legal proceedings that disenfranchised blacks for the past 100 years. The writer makes a point to explain the root cause of the issues in black America which is related to the split within the household caused by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. religion was the forefront to black household, and when Malcolm and Martin began to quarrel publicly, it caused a split within the black families, furthermore destroying collectivism in black America.

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25 septembre 2022
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