Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven

A Novel
di Sarah Law (Autore)
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What is it like to have a saint for a sister? This lyrical and fragmentary novel draws us into the brief life and powerful legacy of Saint Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897), a French Carmelite nun who remains a much-loved figure in and beyond the Catholic Church. We follow Therese's story through the voices of six characters who knew her well: her sisters Marie, Pauline, Leonie, and Celine; a young cousin; and a troubled seminarian with whom she corresponds towards the end of her life. Each character offers their own perspective as they witness to Therese's life and death, the turns of history, and the subsequent complexities of promulgating a saint. Spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, each voice negotiates the tensions of religious life. The novel presents some remarkable people and events while inviting in the mysteries of grace, silence, and sunlight.

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26 settembre 2022
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