Over the River and through the Fire

Journeying to Overcome the Roadblock Called Self
by Sherry Lewton (Author)
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Heartache and brokenness are universal. When our lives are thrown into the fire, it will either make us or break us. In her memoir, author Sherry Lewton recounts events from her past that ignited her own fires, throwing her life into a blaze of secrecy, shame, despair, and devastation. Throughout those tumultuous years of painful experiences, roadblocks springing up to hinder recovery are labeled and defined. Of all the roadblocks, she acknowledges that it was her own self that was often the greatest obstacle preventing recovery. But Sherry unashamedly proclaims how choosing to focus on God alone as the only answer, and the only one who could heal her broken heart, led her to find her way to the path that could lead her out of the fire and into triumphant living.

With no desire for platitudes, pat answers, or shaming techniques to infiltrate her message, she seeks to tenderly offer hope to her readers through an unwavering and passionate desire to inspire those who find themselves engulfed in fiery trials to let go of selfish motives and desires. In doing so, roadblocks that hinder recovery are removed, and we can then gain freedom to reach out our hearts and hands to a broken and hurting world. No other way will satisfy.

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September 29, 2022
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