Through Our Eyes

Building a Community for Special Needs Families
di Michelle Mandolene (Autore)
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Michelle gives honest feedback that most people don’t want to talk about. She challenges people to think about making a change, not just talking about making a change for special needs families. She talks about how to build a community that supports and understands each other, instead of living in a community that constantly judges and criticizes special needs families. Michelle spills her heart out while opening up her life to everyone, to challenge them to make a change, and to support those who are brave enough to do so. Michelle talks about energy healing and all of the eastern and western medicine modalities that she has incorporated into her life for herself and her children. She speaks of all of the modifications that need to be taken place in public buildings, schools, medical offices, etc., and to enhance a special needs individuals’ life, as well as self-care for the parent/s, and what we can do to help siblings adjust better and not feel ostracized having a special needs sibling. Michelle invites you to take this journey with her to make this a better world for special needs families.

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28 settembre 2022
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