Solid Citizens

by David Wishart (Author)
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Murder visits the Winter Festival in the days of Ancient Rome . . .
Marcus Corvinus investigates the death of a seemingly respectable citizen in this gripping, twist-filled mystery in the critically-acclaimed historical series. A perfect read for fans of Lindsey Davis and Rosemary Rowe.

“Like Chandler’s Marlowe, Corvinus wisecracks his way through a weary world of murder and intrigue until he hunts down the truth” The Times
December, AD39. While enjoying the Winter Festival holiday at his adopted daughter’s home in the Alban Hills, Marcus Corvinus discovers that an outwardly respectable pillar of the community, local politician Quintus Caesius has been discovered beaten to death at the rear entrance of the town brothel.
Questioning those who knew the victim, Corvinus is dismayed to find Bovillae a place of small town secrets, bitter feuds, malicious gossip and deadly rivalry: a world away from the sophistication of Rome. As he is to discover, there are several suspects with reason to bear Caesius a grudge. But who would hate him enough to kill him? And what would a supposedly solid citizen be doing visiting the local brothel?
Praise for Solid Citizens and the Marcus Corvinus mysteries:
"Fans will greet this new Corvinus novel with open arms”
“Wry first-person narrative . . . Wishart adds his usual evocative historical touches” Kirkus Reviews
“Brings ancient Rome vividly to life . . . bound to keep Lindsey Davis fans entertained” Library Journal
“Corvinus proves an astute sleuth as he tackles the nicely constructed puzzles” Publishers Weekly
“Wishart's investigator pinches his conversation style and hardboiled wisecracking from classic Hollywood noir, which adds a charming incongruity to this entertaining whodunit” Financial Times
“Like Chandler's Marlowe, Corvinus wisecracks his way through a weary world of murder and intrigue until he hunts down the truth. A taut thriller in which ancient Rome springs to life” The Times

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November 01, 2013
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