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Results: 1 - 50 of 4,065
Results: 1 - 50 of 4,065
by Javier Zamora (Author), Francesca Pe’ (Translator)

by Silvia Ballestra (Author)

by Fausto Desalu (Author), Francesco Ceniti (Author)

by Patrizia Catenuto (Author)

by Omar Di Felice (Author)

by Matteo Boschiero Preto (Author), Lidia Labianca (Author)

by Ross King (Author), Albertine Cerutti (Translator)

by Giovanni Cecini (Author)

by Michele Bernardini (Author)

by Barbara Sgarzi (Author)

by Nick Cave (Author), Sean O'Hagan (Author)

by Aldo Serena (Author)

by Mauro Corona (Author)

by Annarita Briganti (Author)


by Cesare Zavattini (Author)

by Sara Simeoni (Author), Marco Franzelli (Author)

by Claudio Coccoluto (Author), Pierfrancesco Pacoda (Author)

by Carmen Yáñez (Author), Roberta Bovaia (Translator)

Una vita, il suo tempo
by Philip Short (Author), Anita Taroni (Translator), Stefano Travagli (Translator)

by Marcello Fois (Author)

by Patricia Highsmith (Author)

by Agostino Bistarelli (Author)


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