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Results: 1 - 50 of 101
Results: 1 - 50 of 101
by Jyotsna G. Singh (Editor)

by Olakunle George (Editor)

by Margo N. Crawford (Author)

by Susan Belasco (Editor), Theresa Strouth Gaul (Editor), Linck Johnson (Editor), Michael Soto (Editor)

by Simon Eliot (Editor), Jonathan Rose (Editor)

by Peter Brown (Editor)

by Christer Henriksén (Editor)

by Ann C. Gunter (Editor)

by Scott McGill (Editor), Edward J. Watts (Editor)

by Claire Holleran (Editor), Amanda Claridge (Editor)

by David H. Richter (Editor)

by Catherine Bates (Editor)

by Imre Szeman (Editor), Sarah Blacker (Editor), Justin Sully (Editor)

by Richard C. Moreland (Editor)

by Arthur F. Kinney (Editor), Thomas Warren Hopper (Editor)

by Laura K. McClure (Editor)

by John Bodel (Editor), Walter Scheidel (Editor)

by Sabine R. Huebner (Editor), Geoffrey Nathan (Editor)

by Margaret M. Miles (Editor)

by Kurt A. Raaflaub (Editor)


by Dympna Callaghan (Editor)

by Betine van Zyl Smit (Editor)

by Angelica Duran (Editor)

by Andrew Zissos (Editor)

by Jessica Berman (Editor)

by Thomas N. Corns (Editor)

by Sinclair Bell (Editor), Alexandra A. Carpino (Editor)

by Susan Schreibman (Editor), Ray Siemens (Editor), John Unsworth (Editor)

by Honora Howell Chapman (Editor), Zuleika Rodgers (Editor)

by Barbara E. Borg (Editor)

by Yingjin Zhang (Editor)

by Martin Hose (Editor), David Schenker (Editor)

by John Wilkins (Editor), Robin Nadeau (Editor)

by Thomas F. Scanlon (Author)

by W. Martin Bloomer (Editor)

by Wyn Kelley (Editor)


by Pierre Destrée (Author), Penelope Murray (Author)

by Melinda K. Hartwig (Editor)

by John F. Miller (Editor), Carole E. Newlands (Editor)


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