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Results: 1 - 50 of 230
Results: 1 - 50 of 230
by Michael G. Moore (Editor), Arnaud F. Bewley (Editor), Babak Givi (Editor)

by Elias B. Hanna (Author)

A Practical Guide
by Barbara J. Bain (Author)

by Hannah Batchelor (Editor)

by Jane H. Brice (Editor), Theodore R. Delbridge (Editor), J. Brent Myers (Editor)

by Peter R. De Forest (Author), Peter A. Pizzola (Author), Brooke W. Kammrath (Author)

by John E. Boylan (Author), Aris A. Syntetos (Author)

by Stephen S. Senn (Author)

by Rosalind Wolstenholme (Editor), Sue Jickells (Editor), Shari Forbes (Editor)

by Peter Vanezis (Author)

by Nicoleta Serban (Author)

by W. Andy Tao (Editor), Ying Zhang (Editor)

by Daniel A. Martell (Editor)

by Stephen M. Bleay (Author), Ruth S. Croxton (Author), Marcel De Puit (Author)



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