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Results: 1 - 50 of 365
Results: 1 - 50 of 365
by Stanley A. Gelfand (Author), Lauren Calandruccio (Author)

by Jeffrey E. Janis (Author)

by Prasan R. Bhandari (Author)

by B. M. Gupta (Author)

by Ashok K. Mahapatra (Author), Sachin A. Borkar (Author), Subhashree Mahapatra (Author)

by Urszula Wegner (Author), Chitrangada Singh (Author)

Principles and Techniques
by C. Rex (Author)

Science and Art
by Vvs Chandrasekharam (Author)

by Sanjeev Kumar Mittal (Author), Raj Kumar Agarwal (Author)

by Barbara J. O'Kane (Author), Laura C. Barritt (Author)

by James P. Stannard (Author), Andrew Schmidt (Author), Mauricio Kfuri (Author)

by Ankit I. Mehta (Author)

by Anne M. Gilroy (Author), Brian R. MacPherson (Author), Jamie C. Wikenheiser (Author)

by Anne M. Gilroy (Author)


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